–This call for submissions is now closed.–

See photos from the event here.

Full text available after the jump.

The time is coming for the third event by Hatch, Nottingham’s performance-y platform, open to all the creative minds out there that need to find a place to express themselves in and some people to share that with.

This time the theme is ‘Undercover’: your mission is to interpret and respond to that in whatever way you see best, whether you’re an artist, performer, musician, storyteller, secret agent or experimental chinese whisperer. Homemade CCTV and jerry-built wiretaps are as welcome as their prey, coders and decoders are needed to get the message across. We’re looking for spies, lies and disinformation. Paranoid conspiracies and disposable personalities. Who is surveying whom and why? Who knows what and what for?

Still moving around the cityscape we are getting ready to go underground on Tuesday, 13 January 2009 – in a city centre location so secret not even we are allowed to know yet where it will happen (although we’re told it used to house cockfights and illicit gambling dens as far back as the 18th century, so Hatch ought to fit right in).

For this event, Hatch is working in partnership with Radiator, a new technology arts festival, taking place in the East Midlands from January 13 – 18 2009.

Put your ideas and outlines of what you might want to show (or hide) at the next Hatch on a sheet of A4 and send it to:

or to:

c/o Nottingham Writers’ Studio,
Sutton Place Business Centre
49 Stoney Street
Nottingham NG1 1LX

Deadline for submissions is Friday 28 November, 2008.

If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to mail us at:

Looking forward to hear from you.

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