Hatch: Fresh – full line up confirmed

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The Hatch: Fresh artists found through our open call for submissions have now been chosen. Find out more about the full exciting line up below! The whole event, also featuring Frank Abbott, Action Hero and Alternative Bar Crawl, takes place in Leicester on the evening of Sunday October 16, starting at Embrace Arts before moving along New Walk to The Y theatre.

Tom Marshman
Legs 11

For the past five years Tom has suffered with varicose veins, after a routine operation they are now removed. Tom’s new, post-surgery confidence, has encouraged him to enter the Pretty Polly search for Legs 11. Tom tells a story of hospital visits, uncharted journeys, broken connections and rejuvenation.

The show is supported by Chisenhale Dance Space, funded by Arts Council England and developed at BAC and Bristol Ferment.


The Strange Names Collective

Prologue is a ribbon-cutting event that is unable to reach its conclusion. Instead, Prologue transforms into a maze like exploration of the notions of the future and potential. The speech covers a range of subjects including Coal Miner’s use of Canaries, Car Crashes, Shark Attacks, and the Little Orphan Annie.


Jo Bannon

Part-Blue Peter demonstration, part-thriller, this new work begins with a fascination with foley; the archaic, tender and hand-made technique of creating sound effects for film. Using our collective cinematic language, Jo explores this very particular art form, where the chase scene, the sex scene and the bit where the door is kicked off can all be conjured with party poppers, bits of wood and lots of vegetables.

Developed with the support of Residence, Testing Grounds, South Hill Park and Arnolfini. Dramaturgical support by Lucy Cassidy.
Image Credit: Carl Newland


Olwen Davies
Fridge Logic

Olwen is attempting to make a movie, following classic narrative structures, referencing famous movies and their characters. She is having trouble, she doesn’t have the resources she needs. She is not sexy enough, scary enough, entertaining enough. She needs you to believe in her and help her discover the emotive direction needed.



Two girls play a three-hour game of double-talk on the very edge of a kiss. But there must be no contact. Come again?
GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN are a performance company based in London, making cross-genre work. They play with triumph, failure, endurance and mess.


The Other Way Works

Your date is waiting for you at the theatre bar, stirring a strong, dark drink, ice clinking against the glass. We invite you to join them for a bittersweet one-to-one rendezvous; a journey from woozy unrequited love to the cold splash of reality. Enjoy, with our compliments. After all, the best things in life are free…

Image Credit: Chris Keenan


Daniel Bye
The Price Of Everything

How much is beauty worth? What will people pay for an air guitar on eBay? Can I have a glass of milk? These urgent questions and others are answered in The Price of Everything. A must if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the price of an object and its value. And you get a free glass of milk.


Sylvia Rimat
Imagine Me To Be There

A drumkit, a knife, a laptop and a performer are all that occupy a bare studio space. Addressed by written text on a screen, the audience slowly starts to be interwoven with the imagined performance, until the ‘real’ and ‘imagined’ intertwine subtly and gently start echoing back and forth.

Supported by Arts Council England, BAC, Inbetween Time Productions and Testing Grounds


Kris Rowland

Do you have a hearty laugh? Have you ever interrupted a performance? Have you ever clapped a performance because you thought it was the done thing when actually you hated it? The Claque agency invites you to be part of an underground network of Claques, hired audiences for better responses. Using the agencies unique methods, the interviewees will create their own CV showcasing their talents as audience members, for performers to use in future performances. With envelopes curated by Hatch: Fresh artists.

This exciting programme will be topped off with Leicester’s own Alternative Bar Crawl bringing the Bar at Embrace to life, Frank Abbott’s roving video installation on New Walk and Action Hero’s furious finale at the Y Theatre with their show Frontman.

Expect one or two surprises on the side…

Register for Hatch: Fresh in Leicester, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite


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