Hatch Twelve: Angel Club (north)

Text: Wayne Burrows
Photography: Julian Hughes

Angel Club (north): minute

Only a few steps across the room from Weigh Me Down‘s marathon, Angel Club (north)’s minute shares the same interest in confession as its neighbour, but seems far more sweet natured and whimsical, gathering a single minute of reflection from each of its participants inside a small booth. On a table outside are small canvas panels, each illustrated with a snapshot and a handwritten summary of that participant’s ideal ‘last minute’. Those I saw covered a full gamut from the serious (“I’d want to spend it with my family around me”; “I’d want to tell everyone I loved them before we all went”) to the flippant (“I’d steal a rocket-ship, pick up all my friends and escape the catastrophe”).

The piece itself is fairly straightforward, in that we approach the guardian of the booth, sit inside with the curtain drawn and listen to a few moments of elevator muzak. We see our own face reflected back in a black screen, then hear a voice asking us to imagine what we would most like to do if, for some unspecified reason, we discovered we only had a single minute of existence left. We are asked to take our time, and so I do, wondering what the situation would be: am I at work when I hear this, or somewhere else? Who would be with me? So much depends on the exact circumstances when there are only 60 seconds left and no time to travel elsewhere, after all…

Unfortunately, the booth’s notion of taking your time and that of my own head seem to be wired slightly differently: before I’ve spoken, the voice has returned to thank me for my contribution, so I sidle slightly sheepishly back into the cafe and confess, when asked if I mind Angel Club (north) using the footage on their minute website, that I hadn’t actually spoken at the point where the recording finished. If it is used, perhaps it sits among the various accounts with others by people like me who thought far too much about the question but didn’t say anything?


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