What is Hatch?

vb. To cause to break and release the fully developed young; To contrive or devise;

n. An opening of restricted size allowing for passage from one area to another.


Hatch is a verb, Hatch is a noun. Hatch is a peripatetic space for work that is or wants to be performance-y. Hatch is the y. Hatch will be accessible to all forms of performance, all types and levels of performer and as wide an audience as possible. Hatch is a home for experimenting and collaboration. Hatch presents work which is likely to succeed, but not afraid to fail. Hatch will present work at a series of locations around the city centre – the city is our studio space.


Hatch will develop and nurture talent within Nottingham and the East Midlands and foster a sense of community amongst performers in the city. Hatch is a supportive environment for trying things out and taking risks. Hatch is an opportunity to scratch new work in a city that currently lacks the space or time for this sort of event to take place. Hatch is a meeting place for like-minded people from different backgrounds to share experience and explore performance.


Hatch is a space for collaboration with people you wouldn’t usually work with. Hatch is a community of live artists, writers, performers, directors and those who don’t know what to call themselves. Hatch is for people who wear too many hats. Hatch is a space for people who don’t make the work for the money because there is no money. Hatch is a space for work that sweats on a low budget.


Hatch offers invaluable support in kind in terms of marketing, technical facilities and feedback from a community of like-minded artists. Hatch is a space for people to escape to and exit from entertained and thought-provoked. Hatch is a place you wouldn’t take your parents to because they’d say it was ‘interesting.’ Hatch defines itself as undefinable. Hatch informs across the broadest possible social and cultural spectrum. Hatch is open to all. Hatch is an opening to a community.


Hatch is tomorrow’s work today. Hatch is the future of performance-y work in Nottingham. Hatch is fresh and full of nutritional goodness. Hatch is now. Hatch is a verb. Hatch is a noun. Hatch is a space to cause to break and release the fully developed young. Hatch is a space designed to contrive or devise ideas. Hatch is an opening of restricted size allowing for passage from one artform to another. Hatch is a space for work that is performance-y. Hatch is the y.


Hatch as an organisation can be thought of as an egg. The yolk at the centre is (currently) Michael Pinchbeck and Nathan Miller – they will recruit an albumen of trusted and relatively heavily involved advisors and collaborators and attract a shell, the events/performances or all the other performers and contributors etc.


The first specific proposal for a Hatch event is a series of scratch evenings. These would happen quarterly, with a diverse group of performers invited to present work at different levels of completion. Each of these evenings will be themed – the first will be ‘beginnings’ – and performers will present work to that theme. We hope that work could be developed from one showcase to the next and be developed and re-presented as an event in itself as a future Hatch.


For more information contact Nathan Miller or Michael Pinchbeck at hatch@hatchnottingham.co.uk or check here for more information and updates. Help us to build Hatch. Help us to crack the arts scene.

Image credit: Julian Hughes


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