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Hatchers at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Amongst the smorgasbord of delights on offer at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe are performances by several people who’ve been a part of Hatch in the past – and we’re absolutley delighted that two pieces which started life at Hatch events have now been developed into full-length shows for the festival.

All-female comedy/clowning/physical theatre juggernaut The Gramophones made their debut at Hatch: Abroad with Anything To Declare?, fantastical vignettes reflecting on the ritual of the vacation experience, with four foolish flight attendants exploring the trials and tribulations of going on holiday. The show will be in Edinburgh from 5 – 11 August at Laughing Horse @ Cafe Renroc, venue 84.

Preview at The Grosvenor in Nottingham, Monday 1 August, 8pm

Thereminist and chanteuse Miss Hypnotique and all-round entertainer John Callaghan spent their time at Hatch: Across waiting For Bono, delighting and baffling audiences in equal measure as they did so. The duo still haven’t found what they’re looking for, and so Waiting For Bono, an eccentronica epic featuring special appearances from the best of the Fringe (and the U2 frontman himself, assuming he shows up), will be at Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix, venue 146, from 20 – 28 August.

Preview at Battersea Barge in London, Tuesday 9 August, 9:30pm

Many of the people who saw Oyster EyesHis Eyes Were Like Oysters at Hatch: It’s About Time weren’t entirely sure what they were looking at but at the same time, none of them could stop laughing – sometimes despite themselves. Their new show, Keeping the Captain Warm, is at Just The Tonic at the Caves, venue 88, from 4 – 28 August.

Several artists who have previously performed at Hatch events have also been selected for this year’s British Council Showcase:

Hetain Patel, pictured, (It’s Growing on Me at Hatch: It’s About Time) presents Ten at Zoo Roxy, venue 115, from 21 – 28 August.

Michael Pinchbeck (Hatch co-director and The Long and Winding Road at Hatch: One) presents The End (co-starring Ollie Smith, performer at several Hatches and helper-out at a few more) at Pleasance Courtyard, venue 33, from 22-27 August.

Action Hero (A Western at Hatch: Across and Frontman at the forthcoming Hatch: Fresh) present Watch Me Fall at Summerhall, venue 26, from 21 – 27 August.
Action Hero are also working on an Art Massage project as part of the Forest Fringe programme – more details here.

Circuit – Call For Artists’ Proposals

Circuit is a new Leicester-based platform for performance and feedback. It’s not actually a Hatch project but does have some Hatch associations, and because this is such a good opportunity for people who do the kind of work we like (and because it doesn’t appear to be online yet) we’re publishing it on our blog here:

Call for Artist’s proposals for circuit, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June 2011:

circuit is a platform for new, emerging and current contemporary performance/Live Art practitioners, based in the East Midlands, (Leicester, Sheffield, Loughborough, Nottingham and Derby), to be held at De Montfort University, Leicester.

Held over two days, on Friday 3rd June, 15 selected participants will show performance works open to the public. On Saturday 4th June, the participants will receive feedback in an open session in the morning. The afternoon consists of information and advice sessions from a range of professionals and organisations, followed by an informal evening of networking.

All performances and sessions are free and open to all, not only those selected to show work.

The selection will be made by a small team of lecturers and associated artists. If selected, you will receive £100 towards costs incurred by your participation.

Applications will be accepted by email only. See attached application form and information:
Download circuit Application Form.doc
Download circuit Information for applicants.doc

Deadline: Monday 2nd May 2011 – 5pm. All completed applications to Helena Goldwater, Senior Lecturer in Drama, De Montfort University:

Adverb & Adjective

Adverb and adjective:

1. Out of one’s country
2. In a foreign country or countries
3. Away from one’s home
4. In circulation; at large
5. Covering a large area; widely
6. Not on target; in error


What Would You Like to See at Hatch?

‘What would you like to see at Hatch in the future?’ is a question we’ve been asking audiences.

Most people say ‘surprise me’, or more bluntly ‘you want me to do your job for you?’ Some people say ‘me!’ which is really nice (especially if they also remember to tell us who they are and how to contact them…)

There are a few more specific suggestions though, some of which include:

  • more music
  • more ‘performance art’
  • artistic nudity
  • children’s games
  • some semblance of realism
  • more/less nakedness
  • more open mic/comedy stuff
  • maybe a poetry night
  • Ashley
  • even more nudity
  • more sexy policemen

So if you’re a musical, poetic, funny, naked policeman who likes to surprise people and play children’s games, you could be just the sort of person our audience are looking for. On the other hand, if there’s something you’d like to see at a Hatch event (or you know who Ashley is), please tell us.

Recipe for Egg Nog

2 medium eggs, separated
3-4 tablespoons caster sugar
3 shots whisky
3 shots rum
3 shots brandy
450ml milk
450ml double cream
pinch ground cloves
pinch ground nutmeg

1. Place the egg whites in a mixing bowl and the yolks in a punch bowl.
2. Beat the egg yolks with half the sugar, continue stirring, adding the whisky, rum & brandy.
3. Stir the milk and cream into the egg mixture.
4. Whisk the egg whites with the remaining sugar. Fold in the stiff egg whites. Sprinkle with the cloves and nutmeg.
5. Serve.