HatchAbroad marquee

Big thank yous to everyone who came, performed, helped out and supported Hatch: Abroad last night, it was an incredible evening. All of you looked like you were having fun – we certainly enjoyed making it happen, but it wouldn’t have worked without all of you. Cheers.


Tuesday 20 October 2009
7:30pm – late
Nottingham Arts Theatre,
then the whole of Broad Street
Nottingham, NG1

holiday Abroad

image: Zoo Indigo


1. Out of one’s own country
2. In a foreign country or countries
3. Away from one’s home
4. In circulation; at large
5. Covering a large area; widely
6. Not on target; in error

Nottingham’s most mobile platform for performance-y work responds to this year’s nottdance festival by going abroad at various locations along Broad Street.

Following a year of events at individual venues, Hatch takes over a whole address. From picture houses to tearooms, specially commissioned work will inhabit shop windows and restaurant tables, pub basements and areas usually closed to the public.

The best and most intriguing artists and performers capable of gathering within a single postcode will explore themes of migration and vacation, responding to the unique locations along the best street in town.

Find out more about who will be going Abroad and where to find them by clicking here.

The Accidental Animator
Annette Foster
Daniel Hunt
Elizabeth Harris
Ellie Harrison and Ollie Smith
Kathryn Cooper
Maison Foo
Meg Tait
Rachel Parry
Reckless Sleepers
Sam Rose
SHRUG Ladies
Towns into Cities
The Polka Dots Can Can Troupe
Zoo Indigo

Click here for secret knowledge and useful advice.

Hatch: Abroad is part of the nottdance09 festival, supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Dance4, New College Nottingham, Nottingham Arts Theatre, Broadway, and all of the host venues.

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