Annette Foster (photo: Tamsin Drury)

Annette Foster (photo: Tamsin Drury)

The evening starts and ends at the Nottingham Arts Theatre (actually on George Street, just round the corner from our Broad Street base). At 7:30pm, International playboys Reckless Sleepers ensure your smooth departure to Hatch: Abroad as The Pilots. At the other end of the night, the grand finale will be provided by Annette Foster, in the fascinating and unsettling guise of Marlene Dandy, and topped off with a crash, a bang and an ooh-la-la by The Polka Dot Can Can Troupe.

In between those points in time, the length of Broad Street is yours to dive into. Running from north to south, the first port of call is the Lord Roberts. Here in the basement Daniel Hunt will present a two-man exploration of what it means to cross borders and enter new territories, while Rachel Parry extends an invitation to be intimate with a woman, an outsider, a stranger.



At Shaw’s, brand new company Gramophones mark their debut with a devised piece probing the ways in which identity can get lost in translation.

SHRUG Ladies will be brewing up their unique blend of silent glamour at Lee Rosy’s, before infusing it into the air outside. Meanwhile, The Accidental Animator will create live stop-frame animation from your memories and experiences, beaming the results into the Broadway Bar as it happens. Downstairs, Towns Into Cities take you on an intimate journey through the places and non-places of travel.

SHRUG Ladies (photo:

SHRUG Ladies (photo:

In the basement at Edin’s, Zoo Indigo will be showing off their favourite holiday snaps, in a contemporary cabaret of cocktails & canapes (please note, advance booking for this performance is essential – see here for further details).

At Broadway, Kathryn Cooper gives you the chance to make changes to yourself in her Bureau de Change, Maison Foo will be producing an intergalactic holiday programme (sending images of exotic Nottingham back to their home planet) and the results of The Accidental Animator’s stop-frame excursion will be visible on the bar’s big screen.

Sam Rose waits eagerly to receive your message in a bottle at Muse, whilst strange, late-night noises can be heard coming from somewhere above the ceiling…

Ellie Harrison & Ollie Smith

Ellie Harrison & Ollie Smith

In Revolution, Ellie Harrison and Ollie Smith explore a wrinkle in the fabric of time linking Nottingham in 2009 with Russia at the turn of the last century, and Elizabeth Harris welcomes you into the delights of her charmingly haphazard outdoor tiki bar.

Finally, in the window of Nash Interiors, Meg Tait will literally deconstruct Live Art.

Some of these performances are durational, drop-in affairs, others are much more time-specific. A detailed programme will be available here soon and in printed form on the night itself. Plan your evening meticulously or see where the wind takes you, but either way, we hope you can join us on our trip Abroad.

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