Tuesday 6th May

The Maze, Mansfield Road, NG1 3FT

8pm – late

Free Entry

vb. To cause to break and release the fully developed young; To contrive or devise;
n. An opening of restricted size allowing for passage from one area to another.

Hatch is a new event on the Nottingham arts horizon showcasing performance-y work. As Hatch starts tapping on the inside of its shell, making the first cracks through which it becomes visible , we present an evening of live acts dealing with notions of beginnings. For us Hatch represents the birth of new ideas, new relationships, new structures and new lifestyles. We’ve been anticipating this event like a sprinter waiting for the starting pistol, a child for their first day at big school, a condemned man waiting for dawn. We can’t do this on our own. Join us for a live night like no other featuring a Balkan Wind Band, an experimental Can Can troupe and a Transgender Cabaret.


Annette Foster
Hellset Orchestra
Ranvir Singh Dhillon
Polka Dots Can-Can Troupe
Going Nowhere

2 Responses to “Hatch: Beginnings”

  1. 1 paul hough Wednesday at 3:34 pm

    Great to see live art happening again in Nottingham as we have such a wealth of talent here. Hope the evening goes well….Paul.

  2. 2 David Hughes Wednesday at 6:54 pm

    Good luck everyone for this wonderful new beginning of live work in Nottingham. I used to love and hate the Maze: loved the energy and the work (well, a lot of it) but hated the smoke. Things will be different now. A smoke-free zone.
    I really look forward to finishing something and having it shown at a future hatchening.
    Hyram Bridger.

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