Artists Performing at Hatch: One

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Girls Can't DJ logo

Girls Can’t DJ
Both ‘hatched’ in 1980, Girls Can’t DJ  have taken inspiration from the Dynasty decade to bring you a short and sweet DJ set of 80’s wonder. Look forward to a comical, whimsical, questionable, foot tapping (maybe some ass wiggling if we’re lucky), audio and visual treat of ONE-ness.



Fay Rayner – Something
Love and loss. The people we love, the people we leave, the people that leave us. The words we want to say but we never do. Whether this is because we are too stubborn, too proud or sometimes just too scared.


Graham Elstone

Graham Elstone:
ONE hundred and ONE uses of ONE (in ONE hundred and ONE seconds).


SHRUG Ladies

SHRUG Ladies:
SHRUG Ladies come together, all 4 one. They will at times be alone, at ‘one’ with themselves, one lady may perform a one minute tap dance, one lady may knit one line of knitting, one lady may give one audience member one cake…then, they will be reunited, and celebrate once more.


Michael Pinchbeck - The Long and Winding Road

Michael Pinchbeck – The Long and Winding Road
“A journey that perhaps in one way or another we have all taken or seen a close friend take. It is about the experience of loss, memory, mourning and recovery. A highly emotive and powerful piece.” – BBC Online



Poppy Jackson:
Action performance using TV aerials, sticks, blood, cake candles and flags. Symbolic and celebratory rites exploring embodiment, femininity, states of transformation and nomadism.


Gareth Taylor - Hole in One

Gareth Taylor – The Top Ten Number Ones
A presentation of the greatest number ones from ten through to the much coveted # 1.  The number one that is deemed to be the number one out of all other number ones will receive first prize and win the Hatch award for oneness.


Daniel Somerville – First Piano Concerto
Movement based performance which questions live-ness and virtuosity. Music, choreography and performance are created by one artist. The piece is concerned with being alone in the world and our journey to finding oneness.



Emily Smallwood – Envy
It is the windows that let in the light. If you concentrate on the architecture, you will forget to examine the light that pours through its apertures.


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