HATCH: Undercover


The Loggerheads,
Cliff Road, Nottingham

8pm til late

A man cocooned in cling film is watching you watching him via handheld CCTV. A secret literature society acts incognito in case their books are found. Two young mothers hide their inner divas under the covers. Two men sit at a table transcribing everything they hear you say. The Face That Boils Itself play the saw in a cave as the flood waters rise. The General Public Chemistry Set dress up as Highwaymen. The New Jerusalem provides a glitched up, lo-fi finale in disguise.

The General Public Chemistry Set

Nottingham’s newest and most mobile platform for performance-y work responds to this year’s Radiator Festival by going Undercover as a one-night-only live event at the previously undisclosed location of The Loggerheads. An elite squad of some of the most intriguing performers around will investigate, interrogate, subvert and survey.

The Hatch programme is currently embargoed. All we have are the names of the thirteen artists involved, but expect a nefarious and anomalous mix of spies, lies, mis- and disinformation and more.

Artists Page – Further information regarding this shadowy line-up will be disseminated over the coming week, check  regularly for updates.

How to get there – use the map below. There are  easily navigable routes for agents arriving by train, tram or bus. Stealth will be required when approaching or leaving the location – ambient noise levels must be kept to a minimum.

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