Hotel Deux

off Sherwood Rise, Nottingham

Tuesday 26 August 2008

7.30pm – late


Nottingham’s newest platform for live art is checking into Hotel Deux for another evening of the most exciting, intriguing and curious performance-y work in town. Hatch invites you to Wish You Were Here as 16 artists respond to notions of absence, longing and nostalgia for the Great British Holiday.

Hotel Deux hosts a human menagerie of weird and wonderful characters for one night only. A live artist becomes a beach on the patio. A cardboard ice cream van becomes a Punch and Judy Show. A one-woman-band plays a piano with a fork attached to her head. Hello Friends spend the night in the dining room dressing the part. The Lone Diner sits at a table for one and sings a sad, sad song. Mable’s Husbands are the hotel’s house band playing a sleazy finale of arthouse electro. All these and more Wish You Were Here.


Gareth Taylor
Towns Into Cities
Pearl Smith
Glenn Simpson
Hannah Stone
Megan Tait
Rachel Parry
Hello Friends Theatre
Sophie Clarke
Adam Goodge & Katrine Brosnan
Melinda Deathgoth & Darla July Daygwar
Mable’s Husbands

Warning: Hatch contains nudity

For a map showing you how to get to Hotel Deux, click here.

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1 Response to “Wish You Were Here”

  1. 1 James Walker Monday at 7:47 pm

    Hi, Review of this event by Alsyon Stoneman at Just got to put in some pictures and make it live. Should be up by Friday the latest and if it isn’t up. Email me!!! Cheers and good luck, James

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