Some of the artists appearing at Wish You Were Here included:

Glenn Simpson
Glenn Simpson

A disgraced man wanders the corridors of the hotel clutching a suitcase. All he really wants is a cup of tea, but who is he? Where is he running from? And what has he done?

Hannah Stone
Hannah Stone

Inspector Stone and her team will be investigating the untimely death of a beautiful young woman. Please assist the detectives in their enquiries. Feel free to cast aspersions, quickly judge, scheme and blame everyone but yourself.

Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris

Part time glamour model and amateur call girl Pearl Smith will be providing bank holiday relief on the reception desk: checking in guests, giving out information and sometimes arranging her own special one-to-one bookings.

Hello Friends

Hello Friends perform Dressing The Part, a dress up and dress down performance piece in which everyone we are, were, and ever could be, are laid bare in front of an event-controlling audience. Get away from it all. Lose yourself and try someone new.

Melinda Deathgoth
Melinda Deathgoth

Join America’s secret weapon of mass depression, and her slut of a mother for some dark poetry and drunken debauchery. Leave your optimism outside and your husbands at home and prepare yourself for excessive amounts of cutting wit and shameless flirting.

Rachel Parry
Rachel Parry

Rachel Parry’s Reclaiming… is a durational live art still life, using re-located sand from Skegness and recycled super-8 footage from her family’s archives; as a ‘man-made’ beach, the body shall become a site to explore memories, nostalgia, notions of Mother Earth, and the ethics of space, transformation, ritual and regeneration.

Mable's Husbands
Mable’s Husbands

Frustration, suffocation, cigarettes and sex. Loosing faith, ugly tastes, small domestics, bad cosmetics. Back street deals and late night shows… Mable’s Husbands are the Hatch Hotel’s house band, serving up a sleazy finale of arthouse electro.

Adam Goodge & Katrine Brosnan
Adam Goodge & Katrine Brosnan

Reusing an old cardboard ice cream van and converting it into a multipurpose seaside entertainment vehicle, Brosnan & Goodge will present a surreal Puppet Show with some meat, some fur, some hands, some karaoke and some facts about British wildlife.


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